Plato was right: IDEAS RULE THE WORLD!

Welcome to my "Landing" Page...


Who Am I?

One geek said: "All those "idea guys" are really nothing more than lazy bums who want all the glory and benefits of hard work, but don't want to do the hard work themselves. They just want to sit and pontificate and come up with pretty ideas, but when it comes to turning those ideas into reality, they need other people".Yep, that sounds pretty much like me with only one exeption - I am prepared to work very hard to turn my ideas into reality but I cannot do that all alone.  So I am always looking around for those OTHER PEOPLE who might like my ideas, join hands with me and make things happen...  

What I Do?

Very briefly I try to use my vision, professional skills and experience to generate workable biz ideas and turn them into promising start up projects. Since every business venture requires a web site as a platform for its activities and growth I normally start with registration of a domain name for future project and its corresponding web site. It also helps to promote the idea among potentially interested folks.


What's In There?

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Let's Talk.

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